The Rudolf Bonnet Foundation Netherlands was founded in 1980, two years after the death of Rudolf Bonnet in 1978. The mission of the Foundation was to continue as much as possible the work and support Rudolf Bonnet gave to Balinese artists. During his stay on Bali Bonnet advised the painters of Batuan to bundle their activities in a cooperation. Their paintings were shown in their own exhibition hall 'Wisma Batuan' and sold from there.

After Bonnet's death the artist Flip Hamers visited the cooperation in Bali and decided to bring the work of the Batuan artists under the attention in the Netherlands by sending works to the Netherlands and organizing sales exhibitions there. The new Foundation occupied itself with this task, thereby continuing the work of Bonnet which was to offer the painters of Batuan a financially more secure existence, to stimulate the talent there and to secure the exhibition hall.